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Child Custody and Placement Discussed

What is the difference between custody and placement?

Legal custody of children means that a parent is given the right to make major decisions like religion, school and medical for the minors. In other cases, there is joint legal custody. This is a situation where both parents will be involved in making major decisions. As mentioned above, religions, school and medical make the major decisions. Other types of major decisions could include, joining the military, consent to marry or obtaining a driver’s license. The court awards custody to one parent if they find the other one incapable of exercising all the above duties.

stressed childPlacement, on the other hand, means that the parent will be allowed to spend time with the minors for an agreed amount of time. The judge has the best interest of the children while making this decision. The court makes this decision after considering very many factors, which vary with the case. divorce child custody and placement affect the children more than many couples understand hence the judge will make the decisions in favor of the children.

Does the court always award shared or equal placement?

Placement cases are not presumed or mandated. There is no preference for the parent’s placement. The court decides strict factors without favoring any of the parents. It is all done for the best of the children. The court makes sure that each parent gets maximum time with the children. The court does not use the sex of the parents as a factor in the placement decision. All decisions are made in the interest of the children. The kids can be placed with one parent, or there could be some shared placement.

Do we have a normal or standard placement schedule?

divorced As mentioned above, we do not have presumptions to a specific type of schedule. The decision is arrived at after some factors are considered. Some of the factors considered include children ability to adjust, parents, work schedules, children schedules regarding school and other activities, parents residences and many more.

Many schedules start by alternating weekends, which majorly starts on Friday night until Sunday evening or Monday morning. If one of the parents is not available on weekends, they are given an overnight during the week. A placement is shared if one of the parents has 25% or more of the overnight placement time. Placement schedules vary with family needs.…

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Mistakes Men Make in Family Court

In the medical field, there are checks and balance systems, which are meant to guarantee a proper prognosis and diagnosis. For instance, if you have been diagnosed with an illness that requires surgery, the first thing is to get another opinion. This is because you want to be sure and know the various medical alternatives and options available. This simply means you are confirming what the doctor told you.

As far as a divorce case is concerned, you should never pay your lawyer any amount of money until your case has been evaluated. Remember that attorneys know where you stand and what the court will demand. Also, remember that your attorney makes money by going to court. Thus, before you do anything, ensure your case has been thoroughly evaluated. The following are some mistakes men make:

Failing to respond

23ed323 no responseThis is a serious mistake a lot of men make. They fail to respond to the legal actions. In fact, they do nothing. They think that their partners will drop the case and seek settlement outside the court. The truth is that most women pursue divorce till the end. When you fail to respond, a “default judgment” is entered against you. The court can make orders necessary and properly. Thus, if you have been served with the papers, ensure you respond.

Incorrect legal advice

You may have a friend or a colleague who has been through a similar situation like you. When these people realize that you are facing a divorce legal action, they start giving you advice. Unfortunately, they are giving you incorrect, outdated, and incomplete information. You should note that family laws keep changing. Therefore, you need to take time to gather accurate legal information and facts.

Signing bad settlement agreement

23erf43ed agreementWhen a man fails to get proper information and support, he may end up signing a bad settlement agreement. You should note that does not care the type of an agreement two parties make. They only care that the two sides are in agreement. Never sign any agreement if you are not satisfied with it. This is because changing a divorce agreement that has been signed is impossible in some instances.

Does not perform agreements

As noted above, do not sign an agreement which you do not like. Only sign the agreement after you have gathered facts.…