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Tips for Employees Facing Security Clearance Issues

In this post, we share important tips for government contractors and employees to follow when facing problems in the processing of security clearances. In most cases, an applicant will realize problems when reviewing the application form. Usually, the issue arises from reviewing questions which you cannot answer. The following are important tips to help you complete clearance:

Be honest

34fr4 honestThis is an important and basic tip. It may not be an underlying issue which results in being denied the security clearance. If you are not truthful about the incident, then you are likely to be denied clearance. It is quite easy for a lawyer to mitigate the security clearance issues that involve an arrest than defending an allegation which you are not honest in.

Advance preparation

If you are aware that there is a potential security clearance issue in the application, then you ought to plan how to respond to questions which arise. It may even include getting documentation regarding potential problems in a given area to mitigate security concerns. You should be ready to address problems that arise. Avoid addressing them at the final minute.

Complete the application

You may have seen several cases and denials of security clearance requests where a government contractor or an employee did not take adequate time to read the questions and provide correct answers. When you answer questions incorrectly, the investigator will believe that you wanted to hide some information. Thus, it is necessary to complete the application form carefully.

Prepare for clearance interview

tg23e6y2 clearanceIf you know there is a problem in your security clearance application, then you should be ready to answer about the same areas in advance. The interview can take about two hours depending on the existing security concerns. Practice and preparation for the interview can help find out the problem areas and offer confidence to the applicants when the right time comes.

Seek legal advice early

You have a good chance of resolving the clearance problem when you seek legal advice early, rather than waiting until the last minute. When you do so, then you can rectify your problem after issuing the denial. Some of the security clearance issues that you face could have easily been solved early if you seek legal help.

The above tips are helpful as far as security clearance process is concerned for contractors and government employees. Remember that each case is different. Thus, you should discuss it with a reputable lawyer.…